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Tournament Placings

Paintballtogo- 2003 Cash Tourney (30/34) Jeff, Nathan, Gage

Paintballtogo- 2003 Poor Boy Tourney (8/26) Jeff, Nathan, Gage

Paintballtogo- 2003 X-mas Tourney (3/16) Jeff, Nathan, Gage

Paintballtogo- 2004 Spring Tourney (3/24) Jeff, Nathan, Joel D.

Paintballtogo- 2004 Montecasino (We Won) Jeff, Nathan, Gage, Deckers, Zach

Paintballtogo- 2004 X-mas Tourney (11/19) Jeff, Nathan, Joel D.

Paintballtogo- 2005 5man Tourney (2/6) Jeff, Nathan, Triads

Paintballtogo- 2005 Montecasino (We Won) Jeff, Deckers, Pete

Paintballtogo- 2005 Pirates Plunder  (We Won) Jeff & Bruno

My Markers

Jeff Shank- Primary- Silver Diablo Wrath, Smoke Eggy II w/Z, Pure Energy 68/3000 fiber wrapped, Black J&J edge kit, Black System X drop w/on-off

Secondary- Black Spyder EM1 Black J&J ceramic, Qloader, MaxfloHPR, Bandit nylatron bolt, Psychoballistics drop w/on/off, Dye Stickys, O-ring feedneck, 68/3000 Crossfire(steel)





3/18/05- Highschool League starts at Bing's rec. mart

3/20/05- Paintballtogo 3man cash tourney

4/24/05- Paintballtogo 5man cash tourney

5/14-15/05- Paintballtogo MonteCasino WWII Scenario

6/26/05- Paintballtogo 3man poorboy tourney

9/18/05- Paintballtogo 3man Cash tourney

10/8-9/05- Paintballtogo Pirates Plunder Scenario

10/16/05- Paintballtogo 5man Cash tourney

11/13/05- Paintballtogo 2 man and 1 man double tourney

12/11/05- Paintballtogo 3 man Xmas tourney

5/5-7/06- Paintballtogo Montecasino WWII Scenario






Basic Speedball Tips
  1. Always communicate with your team everything you see and need.
  2. Never look out of your bunker with your marker down.
  3. Always know where your teamates are on the field.
  4. Never move without knowing exactly where your next bunker is.
  5. Always know at least generally where your opponents are. (Back right, back left, middle, etc..)
  6. Play smart.